Coordinating Your Investments with Your Social and Environmental Values.

If you intend to align your values with your overall investment plan, we start by identifying opportunities that fit your goals from both a financial and societal perspective. Whether you’re focused on the environment, gender equality or other concerns, we can create a customized impact investment plan that reflects your goals. 

While impact investing focuses on sustainable companies and funds, the key word is investing—with the end goal of helping you build and retain your wealth. Impact investing opportunities and approaches have grown in both size and quality over the years. Businesses ultimately will be able to realize cost savings through innovations, resource efficiency, and revenue enhancements via sustainable products, which in turn should lead to better performance and profits.

Rich Dalzotto has earned the CSRIC™ designation from The College of Financial Planning.   He is able to provide clients with accurate, relevant and timely SRI(Socially Responsible Investing) advice in this growing sector.